Best Bets on Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Wedding Details

Just how opulent or low-key the event will be is still anybody's guess but international bookkeepers are taking wagers

By the time they say, "I do," the wedding of Hollywood royalty Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will have eclipsed even the much-scrutinized, on-again/off-again marriages of Liz Taylor to Richard Burton - thanks to a celebrity-obsessed media and public who can't seem to get enough of the superstar duo and their six children. And, if the frenzy continues unabated, Brangelina may even top the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

Just how opulent or low-key the event will be, who will attend and what the bride will wear is still anybody's guess.

Or anybody's bet for that matter.

Irish online bookkeeper Paddy Power is already displaying odds on everything from who will create Jolie's gown to the honeymoon location and where the ceremony will occur.

At present, no gambling operation offers an open line of betting on the wedding in Nevada, the only state in the U.S. where sports wagering is allowed. But Las Vegas Advisor's Anthony Curtis , who is also the author of "Bargain City - Booking, Betting and Beating the New Las Vegas," doesn't rule out the possibility that odds may be available in the future. 

"This kind of wagering is fun," says Curtis. "And that's why people like to do it."

Whether you're keen to place a bet or not, a guest list that may include Jon Voight, Jolie's estranged father, or Brad Pitt's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston makes for great water-cooler gossip. Pitt's close friend George Clooney is sure bet to land a coveted invite, as is former co-star Matt Damon. Jolie's side of the aisle is harder to predict, with the actress telling Marie Claire last year that she doesn't have many friends. "I talk to Brad," she revealed when asked who she really communicates with. "I don't have a lot friends I talk to." 

For the record, current odds on Aniston attending are 3/1 in favor of her showing up.

Sartorial speculation is also mounting over Jolie's choice of dress, with People magazine enlisting bridal designers to contribute sketches of suitable gowns. Current betting odds place Versace at the head of the pack (the Italian fashion house was responsible for her leg-baring gown at the Oscars this year), followed by Max Azria, Giorgio Armani and Elie Saab.

Alexander McQueen, who created Kate Middleton's famous bridal gown, is at 25/1 with the chance of an ensemble originating at Walmart occupying last place at 500/1. Odds of a leather bridal trousseau are at 10/1 with an accessory in the form of a vial of Pitt's blood at 40/1.

Chateau Miravel, Pitt and Jolie's sprawling estate in the south of France which hosts a private chapel, is already being speculated on as the choice of venue. Current betting odds of 12/1 place France as the number one locale of preference, followed by Italy (George Clooney's lakeside villa in Como, perhaps?) at 8/1, and then Los Angeles at 14/1.

Italy holds the lead as the current odds-on destination for a honeymoon, with Namibia, France, Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia all crowding the top of the field. But if reports of Brangelina decamping their brood to a location just outside of London for the next two years due to Jolie signing on to film three films back-to-back in the United Kingdom are true, any honeymoon would have to be short-lived.

Fun wagers aside, this will be Jolie's third trip down the aisle (the actress was previously married to actors Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton) and it's interesting to note that the color of her dress is not yet a betting category.

So can you actually clean up on this sort of gambling? "Not necessarily," says Curtis, adding that "they are usually low maximum bets." But he does concede that, "Someone who has a good feel for the celebrity thing or better, information, can do very well."

Odds that the whole thing will be postponed? 4/1 according to British betting firm Ladbrokes, who are also accepting wagers on the wedding. 

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