Bernie Sanders Makes His Last Stand With Democratic Platform

Sanders' top priority is an amendment opposing the TPP trade deal

With Bernie Sanders expected to endorse Hillary Clinton next week, the Democratic platform meeting that started in Orlando Friday afternoon will be his last chance to help shape the party’s platform, according to NBC News. 

Team Sanders is preparing for a final push on policy items at the first meeting of the full Democratic Platform Drafting Committee, with the top priority being an amendment opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. 

Over two days, the 187 member-committee will consider new amendments and changes to the platform, which will then be sent to the floor of the Democratic National Convention later this month. 

Delegates in Orlando will build off the draft party platform that was previously written by a 15-member working group. Sanders praised the draft as a good first step that included many of his properties but said, "Much more needs to be done."

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