Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton Owes Me an Apology Over ‘Lies' Claim

Clinton's team said they will not apologize for calling out "misleading attacks" by the Sanders campaign

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton owed him and his campaign an apology in response to accusations from the Democratic front-runner's campaign that he and his team had been "lying" and misconstruing Clinton's relationship with the oil and gas industry, NBC news reported.

"Secretary Clinton, you owe us an apology. We were telling the truth," Sanders said Friday evening at a Wisconsin rally in Sheboygan South High School.

Sanders, citing an analysis done by the environmental organization Greenpeace, argued that Clinton's campaign and Super PAC have received "more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry" and said "57 oil, gas, and coal industry lobbyists have directly contributed to her campaign."

Clinton team quickly responded, saying they will not apologize "for calling out these kinds of schemes for what they are: a desperate move from a campaign that has clearly decided that the only hope for a path to victory is through misleading attacks."

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