Ben & Jerry's “30 Rock” Flavor Revealed

Ice cream maker releases pints of Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt.

If you're already experiencing "30 Rock" withdrawal following the finale, grab a pint of Ben & Jerry's Liz Lemon and happily eat those feelings of loss.

The ice cream maker teased that they would be releasing a new flavor to celebrate Liz, Jenna, Jack and Tracy departing our screens. So to honor the TGS gang they came up with Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt with a Blueberry Lavender Swirl.

The flavor was officially launched at a "30 Rock" viewing party in New York City and will be available in Ben & Jerry’s shops this month before eventually making its way to stores.

Even better, there's a charity component to the launch. "Our new Liz Lemon flavor is dedicated to@jumpstartkids! An early education organization serving children in low-income neighborhoods!" Ben & Jerry's tweeted after the launch.

Liz would approve.

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