Be Careful: Siri Is Gobbling Up Your Data Plan Twice as Fast

Bloomberg is reporting that research from network researchers Arieso claims iPhone 4S users are burning through their data twice as fast as regular iPhone users. The culprit? Siri. Who knew that Siri was such a hungry little data leech?

It was bound to be revealed. Constantly pinging Apple's server with Siri over 3G is finally straining wireless carriers. As if iPhone users didn't already eat up a ton of data sending HD videos, high-resolution photos, downloading apps, streaming video, Siri's making things worse.

Well, that is if you're with a carrier that enforces a data cap or don't have a grandfathered-in unlimited data plan.

So, anybody who's on AT&T's 2GB data plan or Verizon's 2GB plan might want to watch how they're using their data. Sprint iPhone 4S users are safe — for now because they've all got unlimited (lucky!).

Speaking from personal experience, I use nearly 1.8GB to 1.9GB of data every month — just under my 2GB plan — on an iPhone 4. That's without Siri.

Now, I'm almost glad I don't have Siri. The extra time spent querying Siri would likely push my data use over the cap and force me to pay AT&T per megabyte — not something I want to do. And I don't want to get a more expensive data plan.

The lesson here is, don't use Siri so much, or you might find your bill higher than normal or don't use Siri at all. After all, she's just a gimmick right?

CTA Digital, via Joystiq

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