Barnes & Noble Trumps Lighter e-Readers

[DVICE] nook1thumb550x39726610.jpg

Barnes & Noble attempt to undercut Apple's e-Book market is a matter of weight.

The brick and mortar bookstore introduced a new lighter and cheaper version of its e-reader that it hopes will allow it to compete with Amazon and Apple.

The new Nook will have a 6-inch touch screen and enough memory to hold up to 1,000 books. It will also be priced at $139, the same as Amazon's Kindle.

Barnes & Noble is also pushing that the new black and white Nook weighs only 7.5 ounces, which is 1.3 pounds lighter than the iPad 2.

While the e-reader has a Wi-Fi connection, it is not a full tablet and will only try to compete with the iPad 2 on price and for readers of digital books.

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