Special Delivery: Baby Girl Born in Delaware County YMCA Parking Lot

Four officers and two ambulances made for quite a scene at the YMCA

There was a very special delivery in the cold parking lot of a Delaware County YMCA Thursday morning.

Dana and Tim Lu were on the way to the hospital to deliver baby number three when Dana realized the baby had other plans.

Dana told NBC10 she said to her husband: "Forget it, call 911, she's coming now."

So, Tim called 911 and drove into the parking lot of the Haverford YMCA, then followed instructions from the operator to help bring the couple's newborn into the world. 

There was a little "more participation than I would have thought," Tim laughed, describing delivering his daughter, Marielle, in the back seat of the car.

"Once I realized that there was nothing else I could do but have her in the car, I was like 'OK this is what we're gonna do,'" Dana said. She said the birth was fast and little Marielle cried and the couple knew she was OK.

When police arrived, the baby's umbilical cord was still attached, and Dana was already comforting the newborn and keeping her warm.

Four officers and two ambulances made for quite a scene in the YMCA parking lot, so news of the special delivery spread quickly on social media.

Baby Marielle and her mom were doing well at Bryn Mawr hospital and getting ready for the impatient newborn to meet her two older siblings.

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