Audio of Kanye West's ‘Saturday Night Live' Breakdown Leaks (and He's Still Ranting About Taylor Swift)

Rapper gets fired up before he performs two songs on the late-night series.

Kanye West's appearance on "Saturday Night Live" sure was explosive in more ways than one.

Just a few days after serving as the musical guest for the late-night series, a new audio clip has been posted where fans can hear the rapper voicing his frustration and anger backstage.

"Look at that s--t, they took my f--kin' stage off SNL without asking me and now I'm bummed," he is heard saying in audio obtained by Page Six. "Now I ain't gonna do this, we're breaking the mother f--king Internet."

In his lengthy rant, he also describes Taylor Swift as a "fake ass" and swears he's "50 percent more influential than any other human being."

"Don't f--k with me. Don't f--k with me! Don't f--k with me!" he yelled in a clip described by Page Six as "uncensored." "By 50 percent, dead or alive, by 50 percent for the next thousand years. Stanley Kubrick, 'Ye." You can listen to the tape below. 

Note: the following audio clip contains explicit language. [[369268671,C]]

So what caused this explosive rant backstage? A source tells E! News there were a few changes made before showtime that Kanye wasn't exactly made aware of.

"He did not yell at 'SNL' staff. This audio was secretly recorded while he was venting his frustration in a private moment with his team," a Kanye source told E! News. "He found out his stage design was changed and taken apart under the direction of the show's lighting director without anyone's approval. He had spent an entire day rehearsing and [put] a lot of hard work into the performance."

Our insider continued, "Dramatic set changes were made 30 minutes before going live. It should be understandable why he was upset after being completely blindsided." [[368762301,C]]

Ultimately, Kanye performed "Ultralight Beam" and "Highlights" live on the show. And despite what you all heard in the audio tape, a source says the night ended on a positive note.

"The producers were apologetic to him. There was a miscommunication, things smoothed over and he performed as planned," a source told E! News. "Kanye was seen hugging [executive producer] Lorne Michaels just before the good nights and he stayed afterwards to chat with the staff and the cast, and thanked the producers on his way out the door."

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