Astronaut Scott Kelly Takes Stunning Photo of Chicago Lights, Aurora Borealis

Astronaut Scott Kelly has once again captured a one-of-a-kind view of Chicago that shows the city in all its beauty.

During his #YearInSpace mission, Kelly floated in space above Chicago at night and caught a view of the city lights and the aurora borealis — also known as the Northern Lights — in the distance. The result was a stunning Instagram photo of the entire city from above awash in orange lights. The aurora borealis appears as a green halo to the north.

Noting Chicago's history of jazz, Kelly wrote, "#Aurora and all that jazz over #Chicago city lights. #YearInSpace." 

In September, Kelly tweeted a photo of Soldier Field from space while the Bears were playing the Green Bay Packers.


#Aurora and all that jazz over #Chicago city lights. #YearInSpace #space #spacestation #iss #NorthernLights #photo

A photo posted by Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly) on Oct 2, 2015 at 3:56pm PDT

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