Artist Nickolay Lamm Crowdfunds Barbie With Real-Life Figure

The artist behind the "normal" Barbie is one step closer to making the prototype a reality.

Nickolay Lamm announced on Wednesday a crowdfunding campaign to create Lammily, a plastic doll that embodies real human proportions.

Lamm's photos of the prototype went viral last summer and left fans wondering where to get a doll like it. The renderings featured a blonde Barbie lookalike that is shorter in stature and more in line with the proportions of an average 19-year-old American woman.

Lammily is brunette and outfitted with plain clothes and minimal makeup. She is also made with articulated joints so kids can pretend she's running and moving instead of just posing.

As of Thursday afternoon, the project received nearly $133,000 in contributions. The doll is expected to ship in November.

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