Art Howe Furious With Billy Beane Over Moneyball

Former Oakland A's manager Art Howe is furious about his portrayal in the film "Moneyball," and thinks A's general manager Billy Beane has something to do with it

One was pictured as a stubborn bumbler played by a chubby Philip Seymour Hoffman. The other was portrayed as a suave baseball savant -- and played by Brad Pitt.

And you wonder who's upset with 'Moneyball'?

Former A's manager Art Howe, who ran the team on the field during the real-life era of the movie, is furious with his on-screen character, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

In the movie, Howe is not a believer in the idea of "moneyball" and is in fact defiant.

He says the movie is a form of "character assassination," a furious Howe told both the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle.

"They couldn't have demeaned me more."

It's known that Beane and Howe have had a frosty relationship. Howe thinks that Beane is at least partially responsible for the negative light in which he is portrayed on the big screen.

Beane, for his part, dismissed Howe's comments, before dismissing all "Moneyball"-related talk.

"I was wondering who was going to be the first guy to think I produced, wrote or directed this movie," Beane told Bay Area News Group. "Now I have my answer. [Howe's] comments are completely misguided."

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