Are Apple’s “Hi I’m a Mac” Ads Getting Old?


By now, you've probably seen one of the three new "Mac vs. PC" ads targeting Windows 7. No judgments up front: what did you think? Funny as always? Tired? Novel?

Up top is my favorite of the three ads that are being run, titled "Broken Promises." Ribbing aside, it actually filled me with an odd nostalgia.

The reaction to the ad spots thus far has been — as it usually is — divided between seeing Apple as thoughtful or smug. As for the target itself, Windows 7 has even garnered support from some of its predecessor's harshest critics. Whether or not Microsoft can manage to make Windows 7 a critical success remains to be seen — it just launched yesterday, after all.

You don't have to wait to judge these Apple commercials, though. So what is it: is Apple's unarguably successful campaign still doing it for you, or do you — in John "PC" Hodgman's own words — want to go to another commercial?

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