Apple’s ‘Antenna Gate’ Surfaces Again

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Apple's iPhone 4 had a design glitch when it was launched in June 2010: when held a certain way, users' reception suffered, sometimes not making calls at all.

So, then-CEO Steve Jobs offered consumers rubber "bumper" cases to alleviate the problem. But the problem continues. So now-CEO Tim Cook has to deal with the issue again, according to the San Jose Business Journal.

Apple is offering users -- up to 21 million of them -- either $15 or a free rubber case. The previous iteration of the problem was dubbed "antenna gate" and prompted class-action lawsuits -- one of which led to the company's present policy.

As part of the settlement Apple is supposed to not only email customers about the offer, but also to set up a website: Users have 120 days to request either their $15 or their bumper case.

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