Apple Will Finally Launch 4G LTE iPhone in 2012: Report


The iPhone 4S is plenty fast with its dual-core A5 processor (even if each core is clocked at 800MHz), but it doesn't have 4G LTE data speeds, mainly because Apple didn't want its device to suffer from terrible battery life. The crystal ball is now pointing at 4G LTE in the real iPhone 5 next year.

AT&T currently offers the fastest HDSPA+ network for the iPhone 4S, but next year, things are going to change.

Verizon will have more LTE flipped on. AT&T's already turning LTE on in a few cities and Sprint announced earlier this month that it's upgrading its network to LTE.

Simply put: 4G LTE is the new 3G. No more "faux-g" HSDPA+ nonsense. 4G LTE is the new agreed on and real 4G (at least in the U.S.).

If the world's most popular smartphone — the iPhone — doesn't get 4G LTE, people will notice. It's a good thing that new rumors are pegging a 4G LTE-enabled iPhone for 2012.

Apple takes great pride in boasting about battery life for its iPhone. So if a 4G LTE iPhone does make the cut for next year, we're expecting some long-lasting batteries to support it.

DigiTimes, via AppleInsider

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