Apple Wants Non-Programmers to Develop iOS Apps

Apple makes it easy for anyone to build an app


Want to build an iOS app but aren't a computer programmer? No problem. Apple is working on a way for everyone to create new apps.

Apple has applied for a patent for an online content authoring tool that would let people without any programming experience create apps for its iOS system.  The patent, called "Content Configuration for Device Platforms," describes a tool that would allow users to create content without needing to understand or use computer code, according to AppleInsider.

The application is filled with interesting phrases, such as how lack of technical skill is a "hindrance" to creating great apps. The patented software will use a user interface to build the app, much like how one would use WordPress to create a blog. Not surprisingly, despite the technological advances, it would still help if the designer knew a little about coding. 

Aside from assisting the tech-handicapped, the new tool would also help create apps that would work on well on both iPhones and iPads from the get-go, something that's plagued the iOS for the last couple of years.

It will be interesting to see if the new system really can be accessed and used by people without a technical background, although we have a feeling the new tool will still mostly be used by programmers for a more streamlined way to create apps. Either way, we think it means much more diversity in iOS apps and that's great for users.

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