Names Apple, Mac and Siri Rise for Babies

Baby names seem to be affected by Apple and its products, a report says

David Belgen

Apparently some parents love their Apple devices, so much so that they're naming their babies after them.

The name Apple rose 15 percent for girls, or jumped about 585 spots, according to BabyCenter, a leading pregnancy and parenting website.

Mac also rose 12 percent for boys, and Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, had a modest 5 percent rise.

BabyCenter calls the trend "iBabies," and is one of the "hottest baby name trends of 2012" according to the release.

Although neither of the Apple names made the top 100 of either sex, they appear to be on the rise. But some of the popularity may also be from Gwyneth Paltrow's child who was named Apple in 2004, when the name seemed to first show up on the baby-naming radar. Other trends show that for 2012, mothers chose names from 50 Shades of Grey and British boy band One Direction.

That tells us that even Apple fanboys and girls can't eclipse naughty books and nubile crooners.

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