Apple Set to Open Its Largest Store Yet

Just in time for the Christmas rush, next Friday Apple will open the doors to its largest Apple Store so far.

With 23,000 square feet of selling space, the new location inside New York City's Grand Central Terminal is just a bit bigger than Apple's two largest stores in London. Those locations have a greater total area, but with less of the available space devoted to the sales floor.

The location used to be the home of a restaurant called Metrazur, and Apple reportedly paid them $5 million to vacate the space before their lease was up. Unlike most stores in Grand Central Terminal, Apple's 10 year deal doesn't require them to pay a percentage of sales to the Metropolitan Transit Authority which runs the building. So now the State is looking into whether the MTA cut Apple too sweet of a deal to get the prestigious tenant.

With the opening just a week away, there will undoubtedly be some Apple fanboys getting on line soon to be first through the doors. At least they will be indoors.

Mac Rumors, via PC Magazine

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