Apple Founder Sells Documents for Needed Cash

parislemon via Flickr

Ron Wayne, along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, founded Apple in 1976, but apparently bailed after a week of worrying that Jobs was spending too much money and Woz wasn't being practical. So he sold his 10 percent stake in Apple for $2,300, he told People. Today, that share would be worth billions.

"I've got no regrets, absolutely none," Wayne, told People. "I'm certainly not going to waste my tomorrows worried about my yesterdays. It's a wasteful use of energy and productivity." 

Wayne, 80, now lives in Pahrump, Nev. and is auctioning his "archives" of old papers from his short time with Apple. He hopes to get as much as $50,000. "This will definitely ease my retirement," Wayne said. "This will make the rest of my retired life much more comfortable." 

Wayne has reasons to hope for a big check. A few years ago he sold his original contract with the company, with all three founders having signed the document, for $500. He said the document sold at auction for $1.3 million 18 months ago.
He said he doesn't regret not sticking with Apple. "Those kids were not only intellectual giants, they were whirlwinds and it was like having a tiger by the tail," Wayne told People. "If I'd stayed with Apple, I would've wound up the richest man in the cemetery."
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