Apple Eyes New Textbook Experience: Rumor

Having transformed how we consume audio and video, Apple is rumored to be turning its attentions to how we learn or, better said, teach.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Apple has been working with eductional publishers since June 2011 and that its upcoming announcement in New York will focus on educational "iTextbooks."

The event, at the Guggenheim Museum, is expected to focus on how students get their information for classes. Working with McGraw-Hill and Cengage, Apple is also expected to address how it will structure its cut of what's used and disseminated on its iOS: at present, Apple takes a 30 percent cut on apps and other services.

The tech blog Infinite Loop at Art Technica mentions "GarageBand for e-books" in its post about the announcement. Their sources say "Apple will announce such a tool on Thursday." Meaning the software available to educators may be changed in a game-changing type of way. Kind of like how the iPod impacted the Walkman.

Apple's long been a player in the educational space, offering discounts for students as well as educators. Thursday's announcement should only kick that can farther down the road.

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