Apple Store Staff To Redo Maps

[chicagogram] Stevedore

Apple is starting a program that will use Apple store employees to improve its Maps application for iOS 6, according to a report.

Participating Apple stores will devote 40 hours of employee time to the project per week so staff can play with mapping date and offer corrections or improvements, MacRumors reported. It's unknown if the store employees will be comparing or contrasting the app with other apps, such as Google Maps, or simply offering everyman suggestions. According to the report:

One source has indicated that a team of ten employees would be participating in the program at one store, with one of those employees being designated a "subject matter expert" to oversee the team and receiving training on how the team will operate. 

 As we reported earlier, Apple's map app has been criticized since the iPhone 5 launch -- mainly because it mislabels places and, at least once, mapped a furniture museum in a river.

Apple's approach certainly is cheaper (and more secretive) than hiring an outside firm to conduct public research or opinion on the app. This way, Apple chief Tim Cook keeps the changes under wraps and uses its likely Apple-literate employees to benefit the company in more ways than one.

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