Android Now Controls Your Washer, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner

Panasonic announced it's creating a new line of home appliances that can be controlled by an Android app.

The new appliances, including an air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerators, will allow users to set them from outside the home,  according to PC World. The wired appliances work off of near-field communication (NFC) technology which can be transmitted wirelessly.

Panasonic's smart app has also been used for refrigerators, which can let users know if the machines are running efficiently, as well as track calories consumed. The app will also let them set their wash cycle.

While the Japan-based Panasonic said it would be selling the appliances in Asia in the next three months, it had no plans for other markets. Prices were not released officially, but air conditioners were expected to fetch $2,650 to $4,290. Washing machines would sell for around $4,450. Air conditioners can also be controlled by an iPhone app.
While that sounds like an awful lot, realize that as the market begins to saturate with smart appliances, prices will drop. We hope that in five years from now our appliances will have dinner ready by the time we come home.
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