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Anaheim's Halloween Parade Is Now a Scavenger Hunt

At least in 2021, that is. Various floats will be "hidden" around downtown, and visitors are invited to find them all. The prize? Disneyland tickets.

Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 30, 4 to 8 p.m.
  • Fun photo opportunities abound
  • "Visit all 10 spots for a chance to win 4 tickets to Disneyland"

You'd think, upon first consideration, that a parade float might be fairly easy to find.

After all, a float is a sizable roll, the kind of bright-of-color, highly decorated vehicle that's a snap to spy, even from a good distance away.

But what if those floats were "hidden" in various pockets of a city? And the floats stayed put while you went on the move, all to locate each one, all in hopes of scoring some sweet tickets to The Happiest Place on Earth?

Then you, dear Halloween-loving friend, would likely be in beautiful Anaheim, California just a day ahead of the hauntingest holiday on the calendar.

For the famous, famously long-running, and oh-so-ultra-charming Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade is changing it up for 2021 by giving fans a novel way to stay engaged with the beloved event.

And that new way? It's a scavenger hunt, but rather than needing to collect rubber bands, paper clips, or the other smaller items sometimes seen on a classic scavenger hunt list, you'll be searching for the parade's adorable floats.

Easy, right? Since parade floats are pretty inarguably on the larger side?

Well, maybe. They'll be tucked, here and there, around downtown, and you'll have four hours, on the afternoon and evening of Saturday, Oct. 30, to pinpoint just where each float is parked.

"Craftily worded clues" should lead you to all of the floats' locations, if you're in tip-top gumshoe form.

But what exactly does "craftily worded" mean?

Here's one to practice on in the days before the hunt: "A building of glass, surrounded by grass, where CIVIC decisions are drawn. Don't mix 'trick or treatings' with GOVERNMENT meetings, but find your first clue on the lawn!"

Oh yeah. This should be fun.

And hold onto your mouse ears: Those people who find all of the locations, and there are ten in all, will have a chance to win four tickets to Disneyland.

Which is, you might have heard, another rather famous Anaheim classic.

Call it a sweet hybrid of a parade and scavenger hunt, a fresh route to cheerfully changing up a venerable holiday tradition during an offbeat year.

Locating all of the info on this quirky way to admire floats, get some air and exercise, and maybe-possibly-oh-please-oh-please score a four-pack to Disneyland? Roll this way now.

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