U.S. Professor ‘Rushed' Train Gunman, Was Shot

A French-American professor who was hailed by President Francois Hollande for his "courage" was shot while trying to disarm a gunman wielding an AK-47 aboard a high-speed train, his wife said. 

Mark Moogalian, who is reportedly a 51-year-old academic originally from Midlothian, Virginia, spotted a suspicious passenger while traveling on the Amsterdam to Paris train Friday.

"My husband told me that he had seen someone strange because he had entered the toilets with his suitcase and it lasted a long time," Moogalian's wife Isabelle told Europe1 radio Monday. "A little while later the guy came out and that's when he saw that the guy was carrying a gun."

Moogalian was shot after he "rushed towards the gunman to remove ... the Kalashnikov." Isabelle credited Spencer Stone, a 23-year-old U.S. airman who had been traveling through Europe with two friends, for saving the life of the professor. The American trio and a British businessman stripped the suspect of an AK-47, pistol, a blade and a bag of ammunition.

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