The First Used Car Vending Machine in California

An unique kind of vending machines is turning heads in Westminster. But instead of snacks, this vending machine dispenses cars.  

The eight stories tall, all glass building is owned by Carvana. It's a mix of Amazon meets CarMax and is completely automated.

There are no salespeople on site and everything is done online. The concept is meant to drive sales traffic in a different direction than traditional car lots. 

If you qualify to buy, you can test drive the car for seven days. Carvana employee, Ryan Keeton, said having a trial period with the car distinguishes them from traditional dealerships, where it can be harder to return cars.

"At a dealership you get 15 minutes to do four right hand turns on test drive then that car is yours," Keeton said. "For us, we didn't feel that was good enough. So we give everyone seven days to see if that car fits your life."

The history and the details of each car are on Carvana's website. Company officials said they have over 15,000 cars in the queue. 

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