Amazing Feats: Free Busker Festival in San Diego

Unicycles, jugglers, and aerialists will delight and amuse at Seaport Village.

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Bradley Schweit

HOW DO YOU PRACTICE? It's a commonly asked question when a person meets a talented performer, because quite often that performer's abilities are so amazing, and so mind-twisting, that an audience member can't quite fathom how the artist gets from Point A — not being able to do The Thing — to Point Z — doing The Thing with flying colors. This applies to that first time on a unicycle, or the first time you try juggling five pins, instead of four, and the first time you do anything that requires strength and skill and artistry. But the pondering audience member surely knows this: A performer has to burnish those impressive feats and monumental skills over many days, or rather weeks, or rather years, and constantly pushing the artistic envelope, to reach a bit further, is part of the pursuit. If you adore street performance, the unicycles and the pogo sticks and the juggling and the aerial ballet and the dance and the robot moves and the hundreds of other forms it can so colorfully take, then you'll like love the...

SPRING BUSKER FESTIVAL, which is returning to San Diego's Seaport Village on Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4. It's all free to watch, hooray, and there's plenty to watch, given that it is on each day from noon to 6 o'clock. Also? If you stick around on Saturday evening, look for a "Buskers After Dark" happening, from 7 to 10 p.m. (just follow the sounds of the DJ). As you might imagine, it has a more "18 and over" vibe in its humor and outlook, so best make the nighttime shows for the grown-ups in your group. And, yep, there shall be eats and brews for sale, too. Need more Busker Festival goodness in your world? As in, more whimsy, more wow, and more "how do they even practice that incredible feat?" Start here, at Busker Festival HQ, for all your need-to-have-it info.

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