Almond Farmer on Drought: “We Are Not the Villain”

As the California drought crisis deepens, some people are placing blame on almond farmers because it takes up to a gallon of water to produce a single nut, NBC News reported. "It's a shame because we are not the villain," Tom Rogers said while giving NBC News a tour of his family orchard in the San Joaquin Valley. "We feed a hungry world." In his mind, almond farmers are the scapegoats for a problem that should have been solved decades ago in the halls of government. California is entering its fourth year of drought and has imposed the first mandatory statewide water cutbacks on cities and towns. But if the drought continues for another year or two, it could crush the almond farming industry altogether, experts say. Some growers, looking warily at a drier future, are already turning to pistachios, according to Dr. David Goldhamer, a water management specialist at UC Davis.

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