Alligators Find Love at the LA Zoo

Love comes in all shapes and sizes even for alligators. Reggie, the alligator at the Los Angeles Zoo has a new love interest.

Tina the alligator came to the LA Zoo in August 2016 after 18 years at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. The 100-pound reptile lived in an enclosed pond area on the property, soon becoming a "beloved local icon," according to the humane society.

Staff determined Tina would benefit from a larger habitat. That’s how she met Reggie. But it wasn’t love at first sight.

"It was a somewhat bumpy introduction period when she initially moved into his 'bachelor pad,'" the zoo wrote in a Facebook post about Reggie and Tina Thursday. "But they're now happily swimming, floating, and sunning themselves together in their Louisiana-inspired swamp habitat."

Experts don't expect Reggie and Tina to breed but there seems to be no love lost between these two.

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