Alec Baldwin, Photog File Complaints Against Each Other After Confrontation

Actor Alec Baldwin and a photographer have both filed formal harassment complaints against each other after a heated exchange on Sunday, according to police.

Police confirmed the complaints were filed by both Baldwin and photographer G. N. Miller, who works for the New York Post.
The New York Post reports Baldwin called Miller a racial epithet during the confrontation, in addition to calling him a "crackhead" and "drug dealer."
The paper also reported he grabbed a reporter's arm and told her, "I want you to choke to death." The reporter, Tara Palmieri, provided an audio recording of the dispute to the police, according to the paper.
Baldwin’s spokesman, Matthew Hiltzik, told the Post that Miller’s accusations are “completely false."
There were no arrests or reported injuries after Sunday morning's confrontation.
The NYPD says it is investigating.
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