Airbnb Testing Full Hospitality Services


Airbnb is trying to create an experience for its users choosing a private home to crash for a few nights, including offering host guidelines, affordable cleaning services and transportation for guests.

But wait, you might ask, isn't this the site that lets users stay at private homes, not a hotel? So why try to make it like a hotel experience? Well, that's because Airbnb now has a new head of hospitality, Chip Conley, who is bringing more professionalism to the experience for both hosts and guests, according to a report in Fast Company.

The move is supposed to make Airbnb a "global hospitality brand," according to TechCrunch, and to do that means to make each stay a standardized one. That means host guidelines such as accurate listings, a minimum level of cleanliness and offering guests goodies. Other things can also be improved, such as transportation and an easygoing key handoff.

More amenities are supposed to attract more users, but with such a uniform experience and relatively high prices -- how is Airbnb any different than a brand hotel? 
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