Afternoon Doldrums Dashed: The WOW Cart

Snacks and sips on wheels? It's a treat for guests of the Hyatt Palm Springs.

Hyatt Palm Springs

THAT 4 P.M. LOW: No matter how many tips and tricks you read for besting that whole bottoming-the-heck-out thing so many people tend to do come mid-afternoon, it can be a sticky wicket finding what actually works for you (and making it a regular practice). A cup of green tea is good, if you remember to keep the green tea jar stocked. Stretching is excellent, if you don't mind downward-dogging alongside your desk. And getting enough sleep at night is always key. But what if you could have a cart, loaded with goodies (both of the snacky and the straight-up fruit variety) roll straight up to your desk or chair, regardless of where you happen to be at 4 p.m.? That might be a very good day, and a perk you could get accustomed to (especially if the snacky, fruit-nice edibles were totally complimentary). The Hyatt Palm Springs gets the allure of having a beverage or bite swing your way at that time of day, and how it is extra nice once you're ensconced in a hotel room to stay ensconced and not have to venture out. With that in mind, the hotel introduced the WOW Cart earlier this fall. Think of a large tray on wheels loaded with whole fruit, candy, soda, and water, plus cups, ice, napkins, and utensils.

AS FOR THE WOW CART'S SCHEDULE? It calls upon each room at the Hyatt Palm Springs from 4 to 6 p.m. each day. Well, it alone doesn't do the calling; look for a Hyatt staffer to play Santa here. (What's a Santa-like person operating a WOW Cart called? A Wowzer?) And, yep, that's every room, so if you're chillaxing with a movie during that time, it'll get to you eventually. Don't want the complimentary service? Just hang the "Do Not Disturb" knob-hangee-mabob on your door handle. By the way, may those never be phased out. We see some hotels are going to electronic "Do Not Disturb" signs, but there's something charming about paper and plastic versions. Not that we'd hang one on our door during the WOW Cart's hours anyway; a piece of fruit and some water in the afternoon is just the thing to kick those ol' doldrums right in the keister. 

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