A Blooming Special in Borrego Springs

See the stunning desert sights and find a stayover deal.

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URGENCY, AS A THEME, isn't always delightful, though it is something that most people come across more than a few times in their lives, in various arenas. But one arena that employs urgency in a low-level and lovely sense -- meaning do this nice thing quickly, but if you don't, there'll be more chances down the road -- are the wildflowers that spring up around our state's arid areas. Anyone following any nature feeds or park blogs can't help but feel that urgency at the end of February and into March, when photographers and writers and rangers and travelers all put out the single call: go now, go now, go now. Prod you and poke you and coax you they will, but it is up to you, dear flower fan, to find your way to the desert of your choice (and one that is said to be putting on a show). Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is one of those destinations, and as of early March 2016 the seasonal extravaganza is going to petal-y town, with lilies and other buds making a scattered, but always spectacular, showing. How to facilitate communing with these flowers? By booking a stay nearby, such as in Borrego Springs. Borrego Springs Resort & Spa has opened its annual Wildflower Package, one that includes a night at the hotel and some add-ons to make your search for the petals a fun one.

THOSE ADD-ONS INCLUDE... a box lunch for your road trip into the oases and canyons of the Anza-Borrego (note this includes one box lunch per person for a total of two people), plus a "hardbound" book and brochure about the region. There's also a map for the famous Ricardo Breceda sculptures, the ones that grandly dot much of the area just outside of town (think of that giant serpent and scorpion you may have seen in travel magazines). Starting price? It opens at $144 and change if you're there on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night. 

FINDING FLOWERS... around the largest state park in the contiguous U.S. requires a bit of adventuring, and perhaps going off various beaten paths, so know before you go. But knowing you'll have a resort to bed down at for the night -- there's a pool for stretching those hiker's muscles, too, later on -- makes the adventure half won. So as blogs and feeds prod you to go see the desert flowers, take into consideration packages that tie up some of the loose ends for you, pre-trip.

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