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'Trump' of Philippines Runs on Rape Jokes

He revels in the nicknames "The Punisher" and "Dirty Harry"



    'Trump' of Philippines Runs on Rape Jokes
    Front-running Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte answers questions from the media following his meeting with some politicians who shifted political support to his camp Friday, April 29, 2016 in Manila, Philippines. Duterte is facing another controversy after allegedly failing to declare his P211 million Pesos ($4.5 million US Dollars) 2014 bank deposits as required by law.

    Rodrigo Duterte, who has been likened to Donald Trump for his brash manner, is running ahead of his four opponents in the Philippines in spite of a slew of outrageous comments. Voters in America's important ally in the Pacific will go to the polls on May 9, NBC News reported.

    The 71-year-old longtime mayor of Davao City in the south of the Philippines has declared that if he were elected president he would pardon himself for mass murder and kill any of his children if they were involved with drugs.

    This trademark tough-guy statements — he revels in the nicknames "The Punisher" and "Dirty Harry" — followed a remark that he would have liked to have been the first to rape a 36-year-old Australian missionary who was later killed in a 1989 prison riot.

    And when his comments prompted protests from the Australian and American ambassadors to the Philippines, Duterte responded by telling them to "shut your mouth" and threatened to sever ties with their countries if elected.