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Trump Aide Dismisses Russian Involvement in DNC Email Leak

"They're pretty desperate pretty quickly," Paul Manafort said



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    Paul Manafort, advisor to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign. Manafort dismissed the Clinton campaign's suggestion that Russians were behind the DNC email leak.

    A top Donald Trump campaign adviser dismissed allegations that Russian hackers were behind the DNC email leak, NBC News reported. 

    Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort said it showed how “desperate” Hillary Clinton’s campaign is after Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook made the suggestion to CNN on Sunday. 

    "They're pretty desperate pretty quickly," Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort said at a press conference in Philadelphia on Sunday. "It's a far reach, obviously. To lead their convention with that tells me they really are trying to move away from what the issues are in this campaign." 

    Manafort downplayed the possibility that Russia was involved with the leaks, saying “we don’t know who’s behind the leaks,” but tied them to Clinton’s use of a private email server, suggesting she created a bigger risk than the one created by the DNC leak.