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Texas Police Chase Runaway Calf

"I saw somebody's head bopping up and down. I saw it trotting down the road," one driver said



    Stephenville Police Chase After Runaway Calf

    A loose calf led Stephenville Police through a 12 block stretch of Lingleville Road before it was captured on Saturday afternoon. (Published Tuesday, May 10, 2016)

    A loose calf led police in North Texas on 12-block chase through Stephenville before it was captured Saturday afternoon.

    Police released dashcam video of the pursuit on Lingleville Road Monday.

    "The calf had broken loose outside city limits," said Sgt. Sha King. "It actually almost made it 12 blocks down the road by the time our officers got in."

    Police and animal control managed to corner the calf after 20 minutes, King said.

    "A citizen standing along the road helped bulldog it down," King said.

    The pursuit caught the attention of drivers in the area.

    "I saw somebody's head bopping up and down. I saw it trotting down the road," said Katie Burr. "It might happen in other places, but I'd like to say only in Texas."

    Peter McMahon saw five police cars try to block off the calf.

    "He was running for his life. He was trying to go into the woods," said Peter McMahon, who witnessed the chase and recorded it with his cellphone. "He was moving. It only happens in Stephenville."

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