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SF Claims Asiana Crash Victim Was Not Killed By Fire Truck

San Francisco went on record blaming the crash, not a fire truck, for girl's death



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    The City of San Francisco thinks the teen-aged victim was already dead when she was struck by two fire trucks.

    The fire truck is not to blame -- and neither is San Francisco, the city claims.

    San Francisco city officials insist in filings made with federal officials that 16-year old Ye Men Yuan -- one of the three people who died following the Asiana Airlines crash in July -- was already dead when she was run over by two fire trucks in the chaos of the crash scene, according to reports.

    "Ample evidence" support those findings, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, a position vehemently objected to by the San Mateo County coroner, who established blunt force trauma from the fire rigs as the cause of death.

    Alive or dead, Ye was lying in a pile of fire-retardant foam when the first of two "foam-spraying rigs" ran over her -- after being alerted that she was there.

    New GoPro Video Shows Aftermath of Asiana Crash

    [AP] New GoPro Video Shows Aftermath of Asiana Crash
    Newly released video shows at least one firefighter saw a girl lying on the ground after the crash of Asiana flight 214 in San Francisco last July, before two fire trucks ran her over. Lawyers for the girl's family released the video and Gretchen Nelson, represents victims' families.
    (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    Ye's family has filed a legal claim against the city that pins the blame for her death on the fire department.

    Ye had no foam in her lungs, and no dirt in her lungs either, which would suggest she was not breathing by the time she was struck by the trucks.

    The coroner who declared Ye dead by fire truck disputed the city, saying that she had "massive internal hemorrhaging" from her head, which can only happen when the heart is still pumping blood, the newspaper reported.