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Video Shows Snake Slithering on NYC Subway Train

Reptilian straphanger or rat exterminator?



    Video Shows Snake on Subway Train in NYC

    Video shows a snake slithering on a rail-handle on an L train. 

    (Published Wednesday, June 28, 2017)

    You can now add snake to the wide variety of people, animals and microorganisms that have come in contact with the city’s subway poles.

    A straphanger captured a snake wrapped around a rail handle on an L train in a video that has gone viral.

    In the video, the snake is wrapped around the pole with its head stretched out towards the ceiling.

    A man can be heard quietly saying, “Snakes on a train, yo, snakes on a train,” as the camera zooms in on the wriggling reptile.

    It appears as though none of the other passengers seem to notice the critter or are too hardened by what they had already seen traveling the city’s subway system.

    The man who shot the video, Juan Guerrero, said it appeared the snake belonged to a man seen standing next to the snake.

    Guerrero said the man was kissing the snake before he let him go onto the rail.

    The video was eventually picked up by the popular Instagram account "subwaycreatures." The post had more than 131,000 views as of early Thursday.

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    A snake on a plane garnered similar fame after it was captured slithering out of an overhead storage compartment on a commercial flight in Mexico last year.

    Last week, bizarre video of a raccoon in a subway seat on a Lexington Avenue-line train elicited mixed reactions from New Yorkers.

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