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House Votes in Favor of Blocking Online Privacy Regulation



    'Internet Was Not Broken': House Reacts to Web Privacy Vote

    The House voted Tuesday to block rules that would restrict how internet service providers share and sell their customers’ personal data. (Published Wednesday, March 29, 2017)

    The House of Representatives approved a measure on Tuesday that would keep the Federal Communications Commission from enforcing rules passed last year that would ban internet, cable and mobile providers from selling your data without your consent.

    With strong opposition from Democrats, the measure narrowly passed in the House by a 215-205 vote. No Democrats voted for the bill, and 15 Republicans opposed it. A similar version squeaked through the Senate last Thursday on a party-line vote of 50-48.

    As NBC News reports, the White House said in a statement on Tuesday that Trump "strongly supports" the repeal, while internet privacy advocates frame this as a battle between privacy and profits.

    Kate Tummarello, a policy analyst at the San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the "commonsense rules" Congress voted to repeal were designed "to protect your data" and keep internet service providers from doing a "host of creepy things" without your consent.