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WATCH: Softball Championship Turns Ugly as Catcher Throws Elbows

The umpire apparently witnessed at least one of the hits, but said nothing.



    HS Softball Catcher Throws Elbows

    Video of a softball catcher at the Texas State Softball Championship throwing elbows and knocking players off their feet on Saturday, June 6, 2015. (Published Wednesday, June 10, 2015)

    The Texas 4A softball championship game in Austin between Needville High School and Huffman Hargrave High School on Saturday turned ugly when Needville's catcher used some techniques normally reserved for the football field.

    As a Huffman Hargrave runner (in black and red) rounded third and headed for home, Needville catcher Megan Crosby stepped into the baseline — without the ball — and threw her elbow into the base runner, knocking her off her feet, NBC affiliate KBMT reported.

    Then, later in the game, she did it again.

    In each instance, the stunned runners picked themselves off the dirt, touched home plate, and walked back to their dugout without an attempt at retaliation.

    Huffman Hargrave's third-base coach protested to the umpire —  who appeared to have seen at least one of the collisions — but he said nothing. The University Interscholastic League, which organizes the championship games, also chose not to take action, KBMT reported.

    Despite Needville's, ahem, aggressive tactics, Huffman Hargrave got the last laugh: The ladies in black and red claimed the state championship crown, 6-4.