911 Dispatcher Fired After Allegedly Hanging Up on Store Employee During Buffalo Shooting Call

The dispatcher shouted at an assistant office manager at Tops Friendly Market, asked why she was whispering and hung up, the employee said

The 911 dispatcher accused of hanging up on an employee calling for help during the supermarket shooting that killed 10 Black people in Buffalo, New York, last month has been fired, officials said. 

The assistant office manager at Tops Friendly Market called 911 when a white gunman, 18, stormed the store on May 14 and opened fire.

She told The Buffalo News that she was whispering during the call because she feared the shooter would hear her. 

The dispatcher allegedly shouted at her, asked why she was whispering and hung up. 

The Office of the Erie County Executive confirmed to NBC News Friday the dispatcher was terminated.

Read the full story here at NBCNews.com

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