79-Year-Old Man Attacked in Grocery Store Parking Lot

Apple Valley PD are still looking for the attacker and are asking witnesses to contact them.

Police are looking for a man suspected of beating a 79-year-old in an Apple Valley grocery store parking lot earlier this week.

Alfred Mcosker was unloading his shopping cart in the Stater Brothers parking lot at Bear Valley Road and Navajo Road around 7:45 p.m. Sunday when he accidentally bumped into the car next to him with his leg, according to the Apple Valley Police Department.

According to witnesses, the driver of the car next to Mcosker jumped out of his vehicle and accused the 79-year-old of scratching the car. The man yelled at the Mcosker then punched him in the face twice, causing him to fall on the ground and strike his head.

The alleged attacker then left the scene prior to deputies arriving.

Mcosker suffered major injuries to his face, head and neck.

There were cameras at the Stater Brothers grocery store but they did not reach far enough into the parking lot to have captured the alleged attack, according to an NBC4 report. The company added new cameras Monday, a day after the attack.

The attacker was described as approximately 6 feet, 200 pounds, wearing a grey t-shirt and grey baseball cap at the time of the assault. His car was describe as a newer model, grey Hyundai 4-door sedan.

The man could face charges of elderly abuse and assault.

Any witness to the attack should contact the Apple Valley PD.

Mcosker's family has established a fund for those interested in helping cover his medical and dental costs.

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