1st Look Shopping: Shop the DVF Sample Sale Online Now!

Now for me, restaurants, top chefs, and food are usually my thing... but there's one more equally important part of my life when it comes to things I'm crazy about. One that will someday take over my entire closet (we're at about 30 percent right now). And, this obsession I so proudly speak of is the one, the only, DVF.

For about five years now, I've braved the crowds and nabbed some of my favorite closet essentials to date, from wrap dresses and blouses to suits and even clogs, all at an insane fraction of the cost. My favorite post-sale ritual is to google all my purchases, look up the original prices, and add up what I've saved... makes my future credit card statements a little less daunting.

So, because my job is to scout out the best offers throughout the country, I refuse to be a bitter New Yorker upset about sharing the glory that is the bi-annual sample sale. Today, finally DVF's epic sample sale will not only grace the shopping bags of stylish New Yorkers, but now, all you aggressive online shoppers out there, too. I introduce, DVFSampleSale.com.

Before I send you off to happily shop away, there are some looks I've been stalking all season and I'm thrilled they made the sale! Here are my must-haves:

Ahiga Bis Sweater in gray melange, $149.00 [pictured above, left]

Taya Dress in light lime
, $192.50 [pictured above, middle]

Julian Gown Embellished in silver, $378 [pictured above, right]

And I'm not usually one for hearts, but this is just too darn cute to pass up:
Quinn Patent Leather Belt in mint, $74

Now, quick-get your shop on!

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