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Thousands of Christmas Cards for Child With Cancer



    Child with Cancer Receives Thousands of Christmas Cards

    Twelve-year-old Andrew Russell has a simple wish this Christmas. He only asks for cards, and he has received more than 7,000 already. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014)

    Andrew Russell is a fighter. Since age three, his doctors have found tumors on his brain and spine and he's gone through countless treatments.

    “With each gamma radiation or any type of radiation, we're just buying time and we understand that,” said Misty Russell, 12 year-old Andrew’s mom. “So still to this day we live life like there’s no tomorrow.”

    Doctors have told Andrew's parents several different times their son was going to pass away.

    “It’s heart wrenching because those six to eight months or whatever they give you, it flashes in your mind, 'OK, I have six to eight months to make 50 years of memories with this kid,'” said Misty Russell.

    This Christmas, Andrew’s wish is very simple. He only asks for cards. So a caring friend made it her mission and asked Texas Land and Cattle restaurants to help.

    “I like reading them and seeing what people think,” said Andrew.

    But Andrew’s wish was heard well beyond North Texas. So far, Andrew has received 7,000 cards from all over the world, and they are still coming.

    “I think it makes him feel like he has friends,” said Misty Russell.

    And to all those friends, many of whom he has never met, he has a message for them, “Merry Christmas everybody,” Andrew said.

    If you wish to send Andrew a Christmas card, send it to: P.O. Box 365, Point, TX, 75472.