MCAS Miramar Marines Craft Touching Tribute to COVID-19 First Responders

The Marines really wanted first responders to know that they're in this together

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"I'm only one call away," is the first line of Charlie Puth's hit song and that is what the 3rd Marine Aircraft Band wants you to remember in their tribute to the nation's first responders called to save lives in America's hospitals.

The 3rd Marine Aircraft Band covered Puth's song in this emotional tribute to the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals working to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lance Corporal Megan Browning, who performed the vocals, said as Marines they understand.

"We were incredibly inspired by the first responders and we as Marines understand the tangible risk that it is to go and get a call to the front lines," Browning said. "America is one team, one fight and we all know that the health and the defense of this nation are in good hands."

Stationed on Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Browning and her fellow musicians are part of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band, which is one of 10 Marine Corps fleet bands, according to the unit's official web page.

Browning says she performed in musicals and stage shows across the United States for 11 years as a musician before she joined the Marine Corps, including as a performer in the show "Rockin'Road to Dublin."

One of her bandmates, Gunnery Sergeant Justin Billingsley actually recruited Browning to the Marine Corps.

"When we recruited her, she was working in a stage show at Busch Gardens in Virginia," Billingsly said.

According to Billingsly, Browning is the very first person recruited to the Marine Corps specifically to perform as a vocalist.

"Serving my country and doing what I love," Browning said. "What gets me out of bed in the morning is literally my job here, and that is an incredible

While the band won't be able to do live shows for the near future, they are working hard to create videos to uplift people's spirits and sharing them on their social media sites.

"There's so much that we want to do here as Marines and just to help in the community, Browning said.

"I think it was best said by our commanding general Major General Kevin Iiams, we're just going to keep calm and we're going to fight on and I think that's an important message for the nation right now."

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