Young Students Work Grown up Jobs at Mission Gorge's BizTown

Dozens of students from Morning Creek Elementary spent Friday at Junior Achievement’s BizTown in Mission Gorge – a 10,000 square-foot mini city where kids work jobs, run businesses, pay bills and taxes.

NBC 7’s Monica Dean volunteered at BizTown’s NBC 7 News Studio, overseeing students produce their own newscast that streamed throughout the facility throughout the day. While putting the show together the kids learned about the news gathering process, interviewing and working as a team.

“I'll kind of know how hard they have to work to earn money to keep the family running,” a BizTown student said in answer to a student reporter’s question about whether she’ll have a better appreciation of what her parents do.

The kids work in one of 21 different businesses, including the Humane Society, Banks, restaurants, SeaWorld, utilities and even an airport. They make personal financial decisions for their business, hold business meetings and donate to charity.

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