Dining Guide: Must-Try Sandwich Spots in San Diego

A guide to some of seriously tasty sandwiches in America's Finest City

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

This week, we take a look at local eateries that certainly know their way around the lunchtime staple, offering their versions stacked high with deli meats, cheeses and toppings. These sandwich spots are highly-ranked on Yelp, so add them to your must-try list and get to chowing.

Crossroads Deli (University City)
Have a happy day with a hoagie from this hidden gem; in fact, you can even make your sandwich a “double” and get twice the meat. We suggest a glance at the daily specials menu, which includes a Meatball Sub on Mondays, a chicken wing creation on Wednesdays and Falafel Fridays. Al’s Famous Club is also a solid selection, and don’t forget a side of the Soup of the Day

Hungry Bear Deli & Sub Shop (Escondido/Vista)
If you haven’t had “Poppa Bear” (aka, the owner, Michael), and his family make you a sandwich, then you’re truly missing out. Head to Vista or Escondido and get a tasty of that family-style customer service that makes Hungry Bear a fan favorite. We suggest the Ultimate Italian or one of the famous subs like the Teriyaki Chicken. For traditional sub lovers, the cold cuts here are piled on high, so you won’t be disappointed.

T Deli (Hillcrest)
An amazing selection of wraps, tortas and the option to pair your choice with the “Tea of the Day” make this neighborhood favorite a win all around. The Roast Beef with Provolone is what midday dreams are made of, stacked with crispy, fresh toppings. Reviewers also rave about the Chicken Pesto Torta with Swiss cheese and jalapeños. You’ll also find plenty of raw juices, smoothies and salads here, too.

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The Yellow Deli (Vista)
People come from miles around to snag a Sammy from this unique restaurant, housed in a whimsical house that looks almost hobbit-like located on East Broadway. The menu boasts selections like the Yellow Deli Sub and the Deli Lamb Sandwich, with a homemade sauce on a soft egg roll that you won’t want to miss. Heads up: this place is closed on religious holidays through September and October, so check the deli’s calendar for dates to dine.

Grapes and Hops Deli (East Village)
This downtown deli has a solid five-star rating on Yelp and the customer service makes a basic lunch feel like a true treat. For a real taste of tradition, try the California Thanksgiving Sandwich. It’s available year-round and made with oven-golden turkey breast, avocado, Swiss cheese and cranberry sauce. The Gaslamp Elite is another excellent choice, featuring with sweet ham and pear. By the way, back in August, Grapes and Hops Deli was ranked No. 1 on the Yelp Top 100 list.

Fatboy’s Corner Store & Deli (North Park)
Beyond meat and cheese by the pound, this deli boasts a menu that will have your mouth watering. Create your own concept from the large selection of toppings or go with a Fatboy’s Signature option like the Fat Bastard: a giant, half-pound of meat with four slices of cheese, six slices of bacon, plus avocado and other toppings. For the meat-free fans, a vegetarian menu is available, too!

Trish Sanderson is the community manager and marketing director for Yelp North County San Diego. She leads the local community of Yelp reviewers both online and off.

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