Patrick Henry High School

Yearbook Memories for the Lost Class of 2020

The yearbook adviser at Patrick Henry High School gives Rory Devine a peek at the yearbook, completed despite school closures.

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With schools closed, the Patrick Henry High School's class of 2020 has missed out on numerous end-of-the-year senior experiences, like prom, grad night, and graduation. But they will not miss out on yearbooks.

“I think seniors are going to be relying on the year book to get a last glimpse of the year, and I think people are going to looking forward to it more than they ever have,” said Patrick Henry High School senior, Tess Whitsett.

It was no easy task. With no spring sports due to the pandemic, the last 100 pages of the 300-page yearbook were not easy to fill. Club pictures usually go in that section too.

“It was mainly, how are we going to get coverage,” said Kali Rye, a freshman who worked on the yearbook. “What creative things can we do?”  

So students reached out through social media.

“It was a lot of hard work, but we got a lot of help from parents, coaches and students,” said Mina Alshami who also worked on the yearbook.

The whole community contributed to this yearbook.

Mina Alshami, Senior

Students said that's what made it special.

“I almost feel like people won’t be expecting much for that last one third of the yearbook, but I feel they’ll be surprised with how we covered it," said Whitsett. “It’s like nothing ever happened, our year did not get cut short. I feel like we made it look like our year was full length.”

The plan is to distribute yearbooks in early July -- curb side delivery.

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