San Diego

Would-Be Carjacker Appears to Have Trouble Starting High-Tech Hybrid Car

A suspect who claimed he had a gun robbed a man in the Midway District for his car keys but failed to steal his car after he appeared to be unable to start the high-tech vehicle.

Surveillance cameras were rolling when a man, identified by police as 39-year-old Robert Bustillos, took his position in the front a 7-Eleven in the Midway District.

When a 50-year-old man exits the store with a coffee and an energy drink in hand, Bustillos started a conversation with him, police say.

Then about a minute later, Bustillos, who allegedly had a gun, told the victim to hand over his keys and phone.

The victim surrendered both items without argument, then walked back in the convenient store and locked the doors behind him.

Bustillos got in his car, but never pulled away. That’s because the would-be carjacker didn't know how to start the Chevy Volt Hybrid.

"He's stupid because he's not going to go anywhere. They are going to catch him anyway," the store owner told NBC 7.

Frustrated after multiple attempts, the suspect threw the keys and made his escape on foot.

He didn’t get far, though. He was arrested just six blocks away.

Police say Bustillos has been charged with carjacking and robbery.

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