Naval Coating, Inc. Workers Forced to Resign Because of No Pay

A San Diego company that has been “serving the fleet since 1969” is showing signs of trouble as many workers are not getting their paychecks.

The company, Naval Coating, Inc., contracts with the government to paint and preserve Navy ships.

Dozens of workers stopped by the company's headquarters to receive their paychecks. Many of them did receive their money, but several other employees say they have not been paid in over a month.

A worker, “Carlos”, who decided to remain anonymous to protect from retaliation with future employers, said that he decided to resign since he could no longer trust managers and the company after weeks of false promises. He added that he was having trouble paying his rent and supporting his family.

The company, which according to their website, was founded 50 years ago has had many success stories; they have refurbished ships like USS Carl Vinson. The company was also honored by the San Diego Business Journal, two years ago, with a Diversity and Inclusion award.

Carlos said that the company was withholding pay for some laborers and less important workers because of financial problems. He mentioned that dozens of others have also resigned in recent days to sign on with other, more reliable, companies.

The California Labor Commissioners Office and spokesperson confirmed that nine workers have filed wage claims since the start of July.

The company denies the claims and declined to speak to NBC 7.

The spokesperson with California's Department of Industrial Relations said all workers who have not received payment for work should file a wage claim. Additionally, in California, all workers are protected by labor laws whether they were born here or not.

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