2 Women Rob Gas Station in Emerald Hills

When the clerk opened the door to hand over the gas can, the suspects rushed in

Two women robbed a San Diego gas station Monday wearing T-shirts with another gas station company’s logo, police said.

Daya Singh has owned the Valero Gas Station on Euclid Avenue for five years and said he’s never seen anything like this.

Around 6 a.m. Monday, two women asked to borrow a gas can from the clerk at his store.

When the clerk opened the door to hand over the gas can, the suspects rushed in and one aimed a gun at the clerk. San Diego police investigators said the second suspect carried a taser.

Surveillance cameras captured the women standing near the store clerks as they collected cash from the register. Some of the cash was rolled coins.

Singh said the women were in the store for approximately 15 minutes but may have been casing the gas station hours earlier.

San Diego police describe the suspects as approximately 40 years old and 25 years old. Officials said both were wearing clothing with the Union 76 logo.

Singh said one woman appeared to weigh more than 200 pounds.

The women left the store on foot, officials said.

No one was hurt and Singh said he feels very fortunate about that.

“My cashier’s safe. We’re all safe. Money comes and go,” Singh said.

However, he urged anyone with information to call police.

“We need to catch those ladies and put them behind jail so they don’t make trouble for somebody else,” he said.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery can call San Diego Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

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