Road Rage Incident Places Woman's Pregnancy in Jeopardy in El Cajon

“It's a serious situation. There's an unborn child that's involved now," said Brittany Wickham.

A woman's pregnancy is in jeopardy after a man deliberately smashed into her car and drove off in a road rage case in El Cajon.

It happened right outside Los Coches Creek Middle School. Now the couple is turning to the community to help catch him.

Last week, what started out as a normal day for Nick Krysinski and Brittany Wickham escalated quickly.

The two were headed home early evening after a trip to the store on Olde Highway 80 on Thursday, Sept. 28. In just a few moments, they had no idea their lives would change in an instant.

"We had just got hit. It was pretty hard and then we both turned around. We were looking at him. He backed up and he rammed us again," said Wickham, describing the incident.

They told NBC 7 the man responsible then raced off down a dead end street.

"I saw him going so fast I thought he was going to tip his car over," said Krysinski.

He called the authorities and waited for hours for the driver to reappear, but he didn't. Krysinski believed one of his neighbors must know the man responsible and hid his car in some garage.

“There's a neighbor out there who really just doesn't care," said Wickham.

Because of the road rage crash, Wickham injured her back and hip and was hospitalized. That was how the couple found out that she was six weeks pregnant.

She suffered a Subchorionic Hemorrhage due to the crash, and now her pregnancy and baby's future is in jeopardy.

"We were really excited about it when we found out. Now to find out that it could be taken away from someone's irresponsible actions is pretty frustrating," said Krysinski. 

The couple said their biggest goal now is that the man is held accountable. If it was possible for him to do this right in front of a school, they're unsure what else he's capable of. 

"We're really just hoping for the best at this point," Wickham added.

Her pregnancy is now considered high risk. The driver is said to be about 160 pounds, with long, dark hair and a long beard.

“It's a serious situation. There's an unborn child that's involved now," said Wickham.

He was driving an early 90's forest green Suburban that will now have some front-end damage. Anyone with information is asked to call the Alpine Sheriff's Substation at (619) 659-2600.  

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